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Why should you sign up to Better Balance in September?

Hello curious person

I’ve run Better Balance twice now. The first one, at the beginning of the year, as a trial and the second time, in April, as a polished product. The outcome has been fantastic both times. I want to share this feedback from April with you. I love that people had a positive experience with this course.

  • They enjoyed the Better Balance course

  • They saw an improvement in their balance

  • They enjoyed having the “homework”

  • They described the “homework” as doable and easy to fit into their schedule

  • They liked the app I have where we have a private group to share and update

  • No one recommended any changes to the format of the course because they felt the session were excellent

  • One person said their highlight was that it was interactive and that I was there to encourage

  • Another person said the highlight was their immediate improvement in tree pose

As far as I’m concerned, there are eight fantastic reasons to come and do this course if you are looking at improving your balance. I spoke directly to one of the people that attended this course, and they were telling me how their tree pose went from 2 seconds (with their hands at their hips) to 10 seconds (with their hands overhead). How excellent is that?

Balance is so important, and it seems be to a massive attraction to yoga! If I ask people why yoga appeals to them, most people will start by mentioning that they want to improve their flexibility, but it will be swiftly followed by improving their balance. I’ve been teaching yoga for a while now and balance is the only thing that I’ve come up against that doesn’t subscribe to the “practice makes perfect” mentality.

I’ll leave you with two things:

You are fantastic



Testimonials for Better Balance

Really interesting few weeks working on balance with Sam, it’s been crazy to see how much seemingly unrelated brain drills can impact your balance! Turns out it’s not just about practice…

I noticed a huge difference in my balance with my chosen pose (tree pose) and picked up loads of tips and advice from Sam along the way, everything from toe mobility to chats about shoes v’s no shoes.

Give it a go even if you’re just a bit curious… it’s been an interesting few weeks!

Thanks Sam.

Sam's better balance course is excellent. The fact that it is interactive is very helpful for developing your improvement over the weeks. The different drills he offers with the neuroscience are very interesting and seem to have differing results for different people. Over all my balance has improved over the weeks and it has encouraged me to practice more regularly. Thanks Sam


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