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Better Balance: The results are in

Updated: Apr 24

Hello curious person

I am so so so excited to be posting this!

I launched a course at the beginning of 2024 called Better Balance. The aim was to apply my recently acquired neuro biomechanical training to see whether I could help people improve their balance. Well, the results are in and they’re excellent. 

Let’s start with a little context though. Each attendee had to select a balancing pose that they wanted to improve before we started the course. The programme consisted of a 30- minute session once per week. We started with the same sequence to warm up and move the body. We then moved into a series of testing the pose, applying a drill, and retesting the pose again. Attendees then fed back to me after each drill, and we decided the most effective drill for each person. The most effective drill became the “homework” for each person to practise before the next session!

Now, let’s move to the results! 100% responded that the course was great and that their balance improved. 50% said they saw a huge difference in their balance whilst the other 50% said they saw a little improvement in their balance. This is a massive win! I’ve still not recovered from the fact that people saw improvement, regardless of how much, over the four weeks. I think my favourite response has to be the next one though. 100% of people said that they would recommend this course to someone else. 

Balance has always been one of my favourite aspects of my yoga practice. It’s also, in my experience, a big reason why people start yoga. In a class, it adds an element of challenge and fun that’s so heart-warming in a practice that can feel very serious a lot of the time. However, it’s something that, until now, I’ve never really been able to help people with. I’ve always felt the only advice I could give was to practise more, which was pretty lame advice in hindsight. I feel ready to help people actually improve their balance now that I’ve delivered this course and received such fantastic feedback.

This is just the beginning for Better Balance. Are you interested in this course? Click here to subscribe to my mailing list (if you haven't done so already) and make sure you tick that you want to practise with me online! You can also check out my events page where I've now listed a variety of dates through 2024. These will all be listed as fully booked as they're in waiting list mode - pop your name on the list so I know you're interested!

I look forward to sharing this with you very soon


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