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The Unknown + Confidence = Unexpected Joy

Hello curious person

I’ve been drowning in an ocean of knowledge recently as I enter this new chapter of my life as a yoga teacher. My most recent endeavour for knowledge has blown my mind 100 times over (I’m still counting) and has caused me to re-assess everything I know. A former version of myself would have felt crippled by this but I feel a deep sense of joy that I have this ability to pursuit something more.

I say something more because I don’t actually know what that is right now. I do not know what I am seeking (yet) but something has been planted deep within, much like our sankalpa in Yoga Nidra, that I want to flourish. I cannot wait to learn more. I can’t wait to try, and fail, and try again as I bring this valuable information into my classes.

I think I am confident to embrace trial and error because of you. Every time you have thanked me or loaned me an ear, as I beam about something I think is wonderful, it has instilled the confidence in me to know that it’s okay. It’s okay despite the outcome. It’s okay because you are happy with what I offer, and the space I hold, so I have thrown the gates open and welcomed a new wave of creativity.

It’s wonderful to sit on this precipice. I can see the landscape ahead of me. It’s time to get down on the ground and start to explore. I’ll stumble, but I’ll continue! I’m excited by what the future holds because a fresh outlook never harmed anyone. This course has inspired my movement practice and my Yoga Nidra. Stick around and see what happens… There’s so much to come…

Keep shining,


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