My classes are designed to be accessible, yet challenging, with a focus on strengthening the body through movement, connecting to the inhale and exhale of the breath and enjoying some switch-off time during relaxation.

A picture of Sam Turner Yoga in Warrior 3


Online via Zoom

My mixed ability classes are designed to strengthen the body, experience breathing techniques and a mind-body-breath connection as we move through poses, varying from simple warm-ups to challenging balances, that prepare the body for the peak pose. Our class concludes with relaxation to rest and restore.

Monday: 6:30pm - 7:30pm

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A picture of Sam Turner Yoga in Triangle Pose


The Roade House Yoga Studio

This is for people who want to get up on a Saturday morning and get their yoga done before the social plans begin. Come along and enjoy a fast paced flow class which will take us through sequences to build a sense of mastery. Don't worry, you won't miss out on the beautiful practice of relaxation, we'll take five minutes at the end to let the movement setle.

Saturday: 8:00am - 8:45am

Starting Saturday 10th September

Prices and booking managed through The Roade House Yoga Studio.

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My mixed-ability classes are open to any experience level ranging from beginners to experienced. If you are a beginner, this class is suitable for people who are happy to come along, go with the flow and pick it up as we go. 

My beginners' classes are designed for exactly that, beginners. We start slowly and progress over weeks. These classes are ideal for individuals who want poses broken down with clear guidance, receive individual attention and learn in a beginners space.


Cash and card payment accepted at the beginning of class. All class passes are non-refundable.


Six class pass

This six-class pass entitles you to attend six classes. If you are booking onto an online class, the pass does not have an expiry date.


One class pass

This one-class pass is purchased during the class and entitles you attend the class on the day of purchase.