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Sam Turner Yoga in Warrior 2 yoga pose.

Hey, I am Sam. I discovered yoga when I was at university. It gave me an hour of peace once a week where the only thing that mattered was what was happening in the room. Once I finished my studies, I continue to attend regularly. It offered me a place to chill out, focus on learning more about my body and get a gentle workout in that was enjoyable! This was a massive turning point for me and the interest continued to grow until I decided to train as a teacher. I want my classes to offer the same benefits that I experienced.


Since completing my 200-hour yoga teacher training in 2019 at Whitespace Yoga Studio, I started teaching beginners classes in Northampton, Northamptonshire designed to be accessible, yet challenging. ​These classes find a balance between strength, stretch and breath as my goal is to help students strengthen the body, experience breathing techniques and a mind-body-breath connection. I love to see each student's progressions as they practice yoga. My classes have progressed in ability with the students.


My world expanded when I embarked on a Yoga Nidra Teacher Training course to become a Yoga Nidra Facilitator. This practice is about rest, reconnection and relaxation. There’s no movement in Yoga Nidra. You simply lay down and listen as I guide you through a script. It sounds so simple but it is so profound. This is a fundamental of my personal practice. I offer Yoga Nidra online, through my Yoga Nidra Library, and in-person at monthly events.


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  • 200-hour yoga teacher training by Whitespace Yoga Studio, Stony Stratford. Completed 29/11/2019

  • Preventing and Managing Shoulder Pain and Injury Workshop. Delivered by sports therapist Fiona Higgs PhD of Move Well Clinic. Completed 30/11/2019

  • 9-hour Vinyasa yoga teacher training intensive by Dawn Wright on behalf of Whitespace Yoga Studio, Stony Stratford. Completed 06/08/2021

  • 50-hour Yoga Nidra Teacher Training Immersion by Dawn Wright. Completed 05/08/2021

  • 7-hour Yoga Nidra Script Writing Course by Jennie Wadsten & Melanie Cooper. Completed 06/11/2022

  • 50-hour Yoga Nidra & Meditative Relaxation Coach Teacher Training by Tribe. Completed 23/04/2023

  • 3-day Neuro Biomechanics Training by Celest Pereira. Completed 25/10/2023

  • Size Inclusive Teaching Practices by Lucy B Yoga/Big Yoga Club. Completed 09/02/2024

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