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The moments that can’t be captured

Hello curious person

I have recently experienced some fantastic moments in my classes. I have fallen in love with teaching yoga in a way I haven’t experienced before and I feel (and secretly hope) that is coming across in my classes.

There have been so many moments at different parts of the class which have felt so natural. I have lost myself in that moment as the words flow from me with ease. The conscious mind removes itself from the equation as the subconscious (the all knowing or the wisdom within) seizes that moment and presents everything I want to say so eloquently.

I have, however, realised that these moments of magic cannot be captured on camera. I’ve dashed home to try and the end product always feels flat or empty. It feels like the act of trying to document this almost spoiled it because it didn’t look cool or impressive. It felt like magic within though. I think this has been my biggest lesson from the practice of yoga this year. Enjoy how it feels, embrace it fully and let that feeling rest comfortably deep within yourself.

Is this something you’ve experienced before? I’d love to hear from you.

See you on the mat soon


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