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My first experience of teaching a 1-2-1

Hello curious person


It’s great to see you here!


I was a nervous mess in the run up to delivering my first 1-2-1 session. I’ve avoided this format for the entirety of my teaching career because it has, you’ve guessed, always made me incredibly anxious. I did it though. I stood tall, shoulders back, took a deep breath and threw myself into the deep end.


I was presented with a situation where I had the pleasure of submerging myself into the topic of neuro biomechanics. I sat there, in October, in a yoga studio in London with wide eyes as I absorbed this truly spectacular information. In this moment, I knew I had to explore this in a 1-2-1 setting.


I don’t think I’ve shut up about the content I learnt on that course since the day I finished. I’ve been riding a cloud of euphoria since October. I know a microscopic amount of what there is to learn but this topic has so much to offer to people. These 1-2-1s have solidified my belief in this because I’ve seen first-hand how small adjustments can benefit someone.


I’ve learnt so much in these sessions. One particular moment is engraved in my brain, and I want to share that with you. I learnt a lot about complexity of movement and repetitions of said movement on the course. I included some hip circles (something that us yoga teachers throw into classes all the time) between a series of bridge poses that resulted in discomfort in the lower back. The following week I changed the hip circles into a knee to chest but there was no discomfort in the lower back! I know this sounds insignificant, but this small adjustment changed the outcome from discomfort to comfort. It was astonishing that I had learnt this knowledge, applied it and there was a positive outcome in my application.


More importantly, I helped change someone’s experience in a pose for the better. I’m glad I could help transform discomfort into ease with a minor, achievable change. A little goes a long way.


Do you want to hear more of my discoveries? I’ve recently hosted a Better Balance course that has been as equally eye-opening.


You’re the best



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