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Should I try yoga… again?

Hello curious person

This post is for those of you who have tried yoga once, didn’t enjoy the experience and have sworn off yoga. It doesn’t matter that you keep seeing people talk about the benefits of it because they must be a little bit crazy. You had a rubbish experience, in one way or another, and can’t bear to endure that again.

Well, I’m here to tell you to get out there and try another class. Why? All yoga teachers are different. Even those that trained in the same room, at the same time, have completely different approaches. It’s about finding the person that seems to be on a similar page to you and that’s why websites and social media are so important! You get that first taste to connect with the individual – we’re a photo driven world now so I’d recommend you have a read of those captions because that will give you a greater connection with the teacher.

I trained with, I believe, about 17 other people. I would argue that none of us are similar in approaches, particularly after a couple of years of working with people, adding to our skillset, and living (or not) our own experience of yoga. I completed my teacher training keen to learn every single style (more to come about style in a moment) out there – I stopped myself so I could really embed what I had already learnt. Since then, I’ve gone on to study with trainers that I connected with, and I have learnt a wealth of information.

Further to this, there are different styles of yoga. I have an old blog post (you’ll find a link at the bottom) that discusses some of the common styles of yoga. These, as a rule of thumb, vary massively. Finding your yoga class is a little like finding the right skincare product, you sometimes must try a few before you land on the right one. Once you land on the right one, it’s heaven because the benefits outweigh your past experiences.

I am certain that I’ve had people come to my class and they’ve hated it. That’s okay because I also have a load of people that come to class and enjoy it. Those that started with me, I hope, can see how much I have changed from July 1st 2019 to present day. Like I said, I’ve added to skillset over this time. I can tell you though that my fundamental beliefs haven’t changed. I want to create a space, rich with options, where people feel confident to take what they need from the practice.

I would love to hear your experience! Comment below or on my socials. I know some of you, so kindly reading this, will be my current clients. Maybe you’ve experienced the same and I was your “let’s try yoga again”. If this message does resonate with you, please do share it with others!!

You’re a shining light on these grey, autumn days.


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