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Why do I love the visualisation part of Yoga Nidra so much?

Hello curious person

I spend a lot of my time thinking and talking about Yoga Nidra. I’ve been so excited about writing the next script for February/March and I must say… Visualisation is the reason why!

It is my favourite section of Yoga Nidra to write. It feels like the peak of the Yoga Nidra experience. Most people have started to completely unwind by the time I get to the visualisation part of the script. It’s where I can layer up a journey rich with sights, smells and sounds. It really does challenge me to see beyond the visuals and include as much depth as I can into these visualisation journeys.

It’s an adventure in the Nidra process and an adventure in my life. Who doesn’t love to go on a little quest? It gets me off my butt to explore settings familiar to what I am writing about. I’ve drawn inspiration from so many different places. They have been as local as Harlestone Firs, Northampton to as far as Madrid, Spain. Some come easier, some never make it to the room and some fall into the category where the hard work paid off.

The visualisation is always the topic of conversation when we’re sipping our teas and coffees at the end of a Friday Night Yoga Nidra. It’s so interesting to hear people’s experiences through that chapter of the practice. I’ve also learnt so much about how we all operate a little bit differently. Some of you see the visualisation on the canvas of your mind whilst others experience this process by simply knowing it’s there. I fall into the second category. I can’t see the imagery; my mind just knows it’s there and where things are positioned in relation to each other.

I find it fascinating how this section of Yoga Nidra really stays with people. I was having a chat with someone the other day and they mentioned the one I delivered on my second ever Friday Night Yoga Nidra. It absolutely blew my mind that one visualisation from October 2021 was so clear in someone’s mind still!

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this


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