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What is Visualisation in Yoga Nidra?

Hello curious person

Here it is. It's the final primary section of a Yoga Nidra practice. In my personal opinion, this is the greatest part. Why? Well, this is the point where the person is normally relaxed enough to fully experience this section without any challenge or resistance.

Visualisation is all about the imagination. The facilitator can create visualisations in different ways - the main two being a visualisation journey which is similar to storytelling or a collection of images that are chained together. I'm going to spend some time talking about the visualisation journey side of it because that's what I love!

It's a delicate art creating a visualisation journey and this is the section that takes the most time in planning. I spend a lot of time getting out there and experiencing similar places to the one I am journeying so I can bring in all five senses. It's a balance of not providing too much information but providing enough to create the experience. Too much information can be jarring for the practitioner if it doesn't match their journey in that moment.

At this point, you would be typically laying here quite close to a feeling of being asleep. You'll be listening and experiencing whatever is shared. This could invoke visual imagery, memories and you will build the world you are exploring. Due to the fact you will be feeling on the edge of sleep, you will just experience. You won't overthink this, it'll just come to you.

Typically, depending on the setting, there are plenty of pauses during this for you to explore. I'll typically have you moving from place to place during this time so I leave you a moment to "walk" from point A to B whilst encouraging you to notice what's around you.

In the time I've been doing Nidra, I've explored settings like: a beach that moves into a forest; a mountain range; a comfortable living room and a wander around the garden; and a forest walk. Each was loved in their own way.

None of this experience is about me, but this is the section which I love to hear feedback about. I was speaking to a person who came to my first Yoga Nidra event, which was 8 months ago, and they could remember a lot of the visualisation - it shows how memorable it can be.

Thank you for taking the time to read this


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