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What is Opposites in Yoga Nidra?

Updated: Feb 26, 2023

Hello curious person

It's been a while since I've expanded my blog posts on the sections of Yoga Nidra so I've carved some time from the schedule to finish off the series.

The next stage of Yoga Nidra is Opposites. During this part, we awaken sensations or feelings within our mind and body. We then awaken the opposite sensation.

This section of Yoga Nidra is built on the idea that we cannot know one sensation or feeling without experiencing the opposite. For example, you understand what's warmth once you've experienced what's cold. You understand warmth better with more experience of cold, and vice versa.

This section of Yoga Nidra really gives you time to manifest the sensation in your own way. I stay clear of giving exact descriptions. There's a little bit of breathing time between each sensation so that it can truly embed without me talking. Each sensation acts as a momentary focus for the mind which is embodied then replaced with its opposite. This is really important to remember if the sensation explored is something which you don't particularly like. It will pass.

Sometimes, this section will be repeated. I typically use sensations like comfort vs uncomfortable, hot vs cold, heaviness vs lightness so we could pick two of these pairs and experience them twice. With time, a Yoga Nidra script can continue to try and hold both sensations today. I feel a very practical version of this is experience lightness and heaviness at the same time. It's indescribable but completely possible.

I've said this 1000 times by now, but the experience of Yoga Nidra is truly unique. It may be that you connect to one of these sensations better than the other. It is really interesting that your thoughts can manifest the sensation. I've had clients genuinely tell me they felt cold during that section and then warm whilst exploring the opposite.

Thank you for taking the time to read this


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