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My relationship with Opposites in Yoga Nidra

Hello curious person

The more I practise and share Yoga Nidra, the more I am fascinated by the opposite part of the practice. Opposites is the contrasting of two sensations, whether it's physical or emotional, that the individual experiences in their own way. It truly is a highlight of the practice for those attending.

It has taken me some time to see it as a highlight though. It has been quite a confrontational exploration, that I have found challenging to share, because each feeling/sensation are commonly categorised into pleasant and unpleasant based on that person’s experience. I don’t know many people who are neutral each quality shared.

I spend a lot of time, when I’m writing the scripts, dissecting what I am offering within this section and how it is best to deliver it. I worry how you will react to each sensation because, as I mentioned earlier, people generally find one more enjoyable than the other. However, this is the opposite (ironic) to what I believe this part is all about. It’s about experiencing a little bit of comfort and a little bit of discomfort.

The idea of experiencing opposite sensations is simply a mirror of the human experience. The reality is that we do not experience positive sensations and feelings all the time. It would be great if we did, but there’s always going to be a time where we don’t.

I do keep in mind though that people want to come away from a Yoga Nidra practice feeling calm, relaxed, and softly energised. With this in mind, I try to find kind pairs to offer alongside something that could be a little more challenging. My favourite to use, and this typically shows up in all my scripts, is lightness and heaviness. That grounding feeling of connection with the earth can feel so restful to release. The lightness can feel so liberating to feel like you are levitating. Both let go of tension. However, I am sure some people will find this too confrontational, and it is only my personal experience that observes this quality as something kind.

I want to continue to explore new sensations and feelings within these sections. I spend a lot of writing samples, but I generally hold them a lot longer than I would a visualisation, so I can keep circling back to them. My confidence grows as I become more familiar with the new explorations I have composed. I’m looking forward to sharing this new content with you.

How do you feel about opposites section of Yoga Nidra? I’d love to hear your thoughts and experience with this section.

Thanks for reading


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