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What is Rotation of Consciousness in Yoga Nidra?

Updated: Feb 26, 2023

Hello curious person

I am slowly making my way through each of the stages of Yoga Nidra so keep an eye on my social media as I write and share the link to more content.

Rotation of Consciousness is a stage of Yoga Nidra that explores your physical body. This involves moving your attention around different areas of your body. We start by pinpointing exact regions of your body like your right thumb. We continue to open up to greater areas of your body like your right arm. The focal point continues to expand out to your whole body.

The way you focus on each area your body will be your own. What do I mean by this? If I ask you to close your eyes and become aware of your right hand, some of you may: visualise it in your mind; become aware of the hand and the space it is in; repeat the name to yourself; or twitch/subtly move the region. Now, give it a try if you wish to. Close your eyes and become aware of your right hand. What do you experience?

The rotation of consciousness holds a steady pace. Particularly at the beginning, the facilitator will move from point to point quite quickly. This allows you to instinctively become aware of each areas of your body without having too much time to actively think about it. It's a great practice for just being and trusting that your mind knows that to do. Also, shifting your consciousness at this pace allows you to avoid distraction.

This section of Yoga Nidra can be freely adapted by the facilitator by modifying speed throughout, number of time you rotate the body and the starting point.

Thank you for taking the time to read this


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