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I'm craving community right now...

Hey curious person


How are you on this fine day? I’ve risen to the sun shining through the blockage of grey clouds and it’s been lovely to throw the windows open for a short while and let some fresh air in.


As most of you know, a group of us gather in-person for Yoga Nidra typically once per month. We’re not meeting in March though due to everyone’s availability. I can honestly say I’m really missing it and the reason isn’t what I personally expected. I love Yoga Nidra, it’s a wonderful practice, but the actual part I’m longing for right now is the tea/coffee afterwards.


The tea/coffee section of Friday Night Yoga Nidra is truly magical. A group of people existing in the same space free from any expectation. If they want to sit and sip, that’s cool. If they want to chat, that’s cool. There’s 15 minutes allocated to it at the end and slowly, over the duration, everyone transitions from that quietened, internal state back into their everyday state.


I never expected to become so fond of this part. I added this into the event time for very practical reasons.  I wanted to make sure that everyone was fully awake and ready to drive their cars/walk home. It has formed its own identity though and has become a valued part of the gathering.


I’m missing it this month. I’m missing sitting back in this space and being able to have the time to drop in and out of conversations without hurrying and feeling rushed. It’s a joy to see this sense of community after everyone has gone through the (sometimes gruelling) process of entering a relaxed state. There’s a sense of openness and ease in the room after Yoga Nidra.


Do you enjoy this part of Friday Night Yoga Nidra?


Our next Friday Night Yoga Nidra is scheduled for Friday 12th April at 6.30pm. Click here to learn more. I’m really looking forward to it and, if you’re Northampton-based, I would love to see you there.


I hope the sun keeps shining.


Sam Turner Yoga view of yoga mats, bolsters and blankets laid out on a wooden floor in a dance studio in Northampton School for Boys.
All the wonderful yoga props that support us in Yoga Nidra.

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2 comentarios

Hey mate, I totally agree with you on this. We seem to have a great little community on those Friday nights. Everyone just pops into the conversation in a really natural way, like it’s actually a part of Yoga Nidra (and I think it is for us). We are both really missing it at the moment but you know that as soon as we’re able, like Arnie…. We’ll be back 😃🤦‍♂️🙏

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It's wonderful to be apart of! I'm glad I'm not the only one that sees it. I think is the best way for everyone to come back to the land of the awake and aware. There's always a space for you both! Looking forward to having you back soon 😁

Me gusta
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