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What yoga can I access through my employee perk/benefit?

Updated: Jun 17

Hello curious person

This post is a short and simple one to outline exactly what you can access, through your employer, when you're working with me. Side note: These perks aren't any different if you're paying to attend my weekly classes in-person or online so please ask if you're thinking "I want this" when you're reading the following.

1. Weekly online classes - these are hosted through Zoom every Monday at 6.30pm. There's no need to have cameras on - just show up, practise and relax. One hour for yourself. Book now.

2. On-demand library of recordings - all the classes above are recorded and uploaded to my online platform. Did you read 1) and think "I'm not free then"? This is the solution. Each class is uploaded, with some extras like 15-minute and 30-minute classes, to fit right into your free time. A multitude of Yoga Nidra (What is Yoga Nidra? blog) recordings are uploaded too. Visit my on-demand area and create an account in the top right.

3. An online community - you can post, ask questions or make requests. The whole point of offering my services to your employer is to welcome you into a group of people from all different walks of life. Visit my community and click on Online Community with Sam Turner Yoga.

How do you access it all? Well, your employer will give you a discount code to book an online class and the other two perks just require you to sign up to my website/app (there's a link in the top right corner that says 'Log In' or you can download the app here). You can sign up with your employer email (I'll automatically assign you access to everything) or you can use your personal email. If you use your personal email, just email me or post in the community to say "Hi, I work for (employer), please give me access to on-demand classes" and I'll sort that out!

Thanks for taking the time to read this one.

See you on your mat


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